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Grayson Associates
Leading Consultants in
Beauty Marketing

Strategic Solutions:
New Products
Existing Brands

Scoring system to
evaluate effectiveness
of print advertising.

Why the Need

  1. Many managements are not satisfied with -

    - level of new product success
    - growth of their existing brands
    - response to competitive pressures, or strengths
    - their ability to create an aggressive strategy to combat these ongoing marketing challenges

  2. Many managements, unknowingly, continue to receive 'edited' information from their staffs regarding all phases of their businesses; including, but not limited to;

    - competitive information,
    - weaknesses or opportunities in all areas of their own marketing mix,
    - consumer or competitive trends which may have great impact.
    Reasons for this vary according to...
    - Marketing's perception of what management wants and/or doesn't want to hear.
    - Marketing's own agenda, including but not limited to the personal and/or professional goals.
    - Insufficient or unknowledgeable internal/external resources to obtain reliable and unbiased information, realistic assessments, challenge assumptions, etc.
    - Marketers tend to think in their 'own box' - their own traditional way of getting products from their minds into consumers' hands. Often, they don't even see/consider other ways of doing things, and/or don't believe that their managements will allow them to break new ground.
    - Risk adverse or fearful corporate atmosphere.
    - Fear that new information will derail, or require modification of existing plans, (after all, ship dates must be met).

  3. Most managements understand the need for new products and brands, yet they are concerned with line expansions and positioning issues, as well as making the trade understand the need for new initiatives - all without damaging existing brands.

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