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1. PRE-LAUNCH - New Products...Lines...Brands

Predicts the success potential of a new product concept, before precious marketing funds are spent!
Grades the concept - a virtual "report card," up to 100.
Scores of:    80+    destined for success.
70-80    needs improvement to succeed.
-70    should not be marketed, without major redo.
Pinpoints strengths and weaknesses in 29 'KEYS-TO-SUCCESS' marketing segments.
Compares new product to benchmark competition product or brand.
Insures against new product failures.
Saves precious time, talent, wasted R&D and marketing funds.
Avoids disappointing the trade.

2. Existing Brands - Products or Lines

Customizes the 29 'KEYS-TO-SUCCESS' model to provide a disciplined review of a product, line or brand's strengths and weaknesses, by themselves and/or against their key competition.
Specifies areas in which to gain competitive advantage.
Provides a blueprint for strategic planning to revitalize an existing brand.
Keeps current products, lines and brands exciting to the consumer, especially those which are core to the brand, and its profits.

Additional Significant Benefits:

Screening process to weed out the less viable ideas.
Allows only those concepts with the greatest potential to actually start the costly product development process.
Provides a non-biased view of the brand, free from traditional corporate dogma.
Reality check to improve new product success or brand growth by maximizing the 29 'KEYS-TO-SUCCESS' marketing categories.
Provides a new and clear eye (without agenda) to analyze proposed new products and/or current marketing efforts.
Establishes areas of opportunity for improvement of potential new products, and/or repositioning or re-staging lines and products to bring them new life and growth momentum.
Supports or redefines strategies, concepts, marketing efforts previously established and/or rejected, for lack of a champion. (This is a very important aspect of the audit. Often, good ideas are squashed for lack of support, and bad ideas may move forward for lack of seasoned rationale against them.)
Aids future strategic planning for brand or product development.
Demonstrates how to pre-empt or respond to competitive threats by pinpointing their weak spots.
Provides significant marketing training and education for newer members of the marketing team.

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