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Grayson Associates
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Strategic Solutions:
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Scoring system to
evaluate effectiveness
of print advertising.

How We Do It

The BrandAudit provides management with a 'reality check' of the company's marketing efforts for proposed new products or existing products, lines and brands.

Careful analysis of the scores for each of these 5 marketing categories...

...will reveal just where the product, line or brand can be improved to boost its potential for success.

Here's how the proprietary, weighted grading system works -

  • Each marketing category has between 3 and 11 parts, totaling 29 'KEYS-TO-SUCCESS' marketing segments.
  • Each of the 29 segments is graded on 5 points of analysis to determine its numerical contribution to its marketing category.*
  • The final grade is composed of each category's score, weighted for its contribution to the total.

    Scores of 80 or more will mean a successful outcome.
    Scores less than 80 indicate doubtful success.
    To see two examples of "success" and "failure audits," click here.

The BrandAudit's proprietary 29 'KEYS-TO-SUCCESS' is a critical, marketing evaluation tool - it establishes the primary reasons for success or failure.

Important: An audit early enough in the development cycle can point to the marketing areas which need improvement, to enhance the score and thereby increase potential success. Customized for an existing, slow growing or stagnant product, line or brand, the audit will highlight strengths and weaknesses to stimulate future growth.

*Grades are assigned by a specialized team of up to 5 marketing professionals, led by Suzanne Grayson, Managing Partner of Grayson Associates.

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